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Starting a conversation using a compliment is a very simple and straight-forward approach that is commonly used with guys who are just starting out and looking to simply get some positive reactions from women.  Please don’t confuse this with using a direct opener where you tell the girl she’s beautiful.  To me, a compliment should be given genuinely about an aspect of a woman’s personality or non-sexual part of her wardrobe that you like, and you should follow your compliment with a reasoning that bespeaks your personality.  For instance, instead of just saying “I like your earrings” to a woman, I might only compliment her on something if I truly do like it and I have a reason why.

For instance, maybe we’re in Miami and she looks like she has some Art Deco style earrings.  Then my compliment opener might go something like “Hey I love your earrings!  To me they look kind of art-deco, so I instantly thought how festive of you to match with the Miami style… check you out!”

This a great way to compliment a woman because now you’re not just the guy who is blindly saying you like something, you’re instead using that compliment as a secondary identity hook.  In other words, the main subject of the sentence was her earrings, but now she also knows that you know what art-deco is, you know that Miami is known for an art-deco style of architecture, and now you’ve accused her of having great style for knowing the same information you do and being festive because she acted out on that knowledge.

Well, guess how easy your followup conversation is going to be when this is your angle?

It’s going to be extremely easy to follow up the conversation with her!  Either she knows what you’re talking about and you can continue talking about art or architecture, or she has no clue and you get to make fun of her for having no idea.  Now you appear to be Mr. Culture & Sophistication and you could even act out a role play of some sort based on that premise.  Nice work!

So that’s what a good compliment opener looks like, and again you’ll have spectacular results with them when you:

  1.  Give a genuine, well thought-out compliment
  1. Use the compliment as a secondary identity hook to throw in details about your own personality that could lend themselves to followup conversation.
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