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Become A Floater

A “floater” is a guy or girl who has multiple loose social obligations in a night and no definite plan for accomplishing any or all of those obligations.  This means that they view themselves as an independent person who makes their own choices.  While a normal person’s plans for an evening might be very definite, if you asked a floater about their plans for the evening they might tell you something like “Well, I was planning to drop by a bar where my friend works and say hi and then I have a couple groups of friends at different places who I might see, but who knows, the night is young…”

I think it’s a great dating strategy to become a floater yourself and start developing multiple groups of people you spend time with.  This type of a lifestyle not only broadens your social reach and exposure, but it also gives you a variety of activities to choose from and it keeps your visibility and availability low to people in your life.  They’ll start to learn that you’re a guy who always has something cool to do and because you’re not spending time around them all the time every weekend, they’ll value your time and attention when you do decide to hangout with them.

Becoming a floater is a great “income stream” for women because when you have multiple social groups you spend time around, the people in those social groups are naturally going to be bringing different people around from time to time.  If you were to have one social group you spent time with, for instance, one of your buddy’s might have a girlfriend who brings a friend out with the group to hangout.  If you’re hanging out with only that group for that night, she might be one of your only options for that night because you’re a guy who could be dependent on that social group for activities, if for instance you’re not a guy who is comfortable being independent and going out alone.

On the other hand, if you’re an independent guy who is always developing multiple friendship groups to spend time with, then when you met with the same group I discussed in the last paragraph, you might just cut your losses and takeoff after an hour of hanging out because you realized quickly that your options with the first group weren’t the best for you.

In this manner, being a floater affords you a far greater social reach and number of social opportunities.  Note also that when you only stayed for an hour and left the first group you were with, they registered in their brains that you’re not always a guy who sticks around the whole night because you often have other things to do.  This is much the way that a very high value person (cool person) does things.  In other words, low availability and broad reach yield high value and maximum opportunity.  This is why it’s great to become a floater and use floating as an income stream for your dating life.

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