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Baseline Results

Yes, yes… I know I’ve already talked about Baseline Results in the “How to Flood Your Life With Women” Action Plan.  If you haven’t seen that video yet I’m posting it again below so you can re-watch it.

Now that we’re nearing the end of the “How To Meet Her” Action Plan, it’s time that you take action and get a baseline reading on what YOUR personal baseline numbers look like.

If you feel like you don’t get good results or results that match what I talk about in the video, this IS NOT A REASON TO BEAT YOURSELF UP!  Remember, wherever you’re at, you’re at.  I was a beginner once too, and that’s perfectly okay.

The reason we take a baseline reading of your results is so that you can’t reason later on that you haven’t made any progress and start getting discouraged.  It’s also helpful for you to know how you stack up against the norm so that you (or me if you need me) can start to assess what challenges you might be facing.  In other words, this is a troubleshooting tool for your game.

So, what you’re going to do is to go out and start talking to women.  Ideally you’ll get “warmed up” by just trying out your conversation starters on 3 women, then after you’re warmed up you can start taking your stats and see how you do.

If you remember correctly, out of any 10 women you talk to, 20% will be blowouts (she won’t talk to you), 40% won’t like you and will go away, and 40% of the women (or 4 total out of 10) will like you and become attracted or at least give you a shot.

So let’s say you go out and get your ass handed to you.  It’s bad.  You try to warm-up by talking to 3 women and they all shoot you down and then the next 10 women tell you to eat shit and die.

What do you do?  How do you view yourself?  How do you feel?

Well, first of all I’ve never ever seen someone have results that bad really, but this is the worst case scenario that most guys fear.  The reality is that if you’re having results that bad then women just really aren’t giving you a shot and it’s most likely because of your appearance.  The rule is…

How you look is more important (in the beginning) than personality.  

She doesn’t know who you are yet, man.  So if a large percentage of women are rejecting you when you meet them in person, then the odds are that you can start your journey to improvement by learning about style.

Are you starting to get the hang of this?

The idea here, again, is to just get an idea of what your results are so that you can start to make decisions and adjustments to see if they improve your results or make them worse.  We don’t care what your results are in the beginning, we simply want to know and record them so that we have something to measure by.  That’s it.

When I was starting to learn how to meet women, it was extremely helpful for me to record my nightly results on a forum.  Sometime in the future I’ll be posting these original posts on the Girlfriend Fastlane Forum, so look for them there.

I would also encourage you to record your results in somewhat of a personal diary on the forum.  Start a topic with your name and start posting your nightly results.  I used to try and post enough information that I could remember the women if I read my notes later.  Then, sometime in the future maybe in a year or two, look back at your results.  I guarantee you’ll marvel at how far you’ve come.  I know when I read my old posts that’s what I do.  My perspective has entirely changed, and yours will too.

So that’s it for the this Action Plan guys!  I’ve put the Baseline Numbers Video below if you need a refresher, and if not feel free to move on to the Conclusion section.

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