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Back & Forth

After you’ve listened to a girl, dove into a topic with her, and then created a commonality, most likely the girl is going to realize that she’s been talking a lot and that you haven’t been talking much.  When she realizes this, she’s going to want to ask you about your interests and hobbies, etc.  Don’t expect her to do as good of a job listening and empathizing as you’ve done (because you’re awesome), but do expect her to ask you about yourself once she’s done a fair bit of talking.

Ideally, you’ll talk about your interests and how you spend your time, and in this manner you and the woman can go back and forth about both of your hobbies and interests.  Yay!  This should feel pretty normal and natural to you once you’ve got the hang of it, and guess what?  When people naturally go back and forth talking a bunch, it is said that those people have… drumroll…


Remember also during back & forth that it’s okay to ping attraction from time to time, and by this I mean to do a small bit of callback humor to whatever it was that you did in the attraction phase of your conversation to get her attracted to you.  In this manner you can keep her attracted and highlight both the emotional attraction and now the “logical attraction” that she’s feeling towards you.

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