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Attraction Routine Strategy

If you decide to use attraction routines as your strategy for getting women attracted to you, the strategy is simple.   First you learn two attraction routines at home.   You can practice them in the mirror or with a friend, and once you feel like you’ve got the routine down, then you go to wherever you meet women to use them.

First, you start your conversation with a conversation starter from the “How to Meet Her” Tutorial, then right after your opener is done you simply say your two attraction routines one after the other.  When you get through the two attraction routines, if the girl is still standing there in front of you then you assume she is attracted to you and you move on to getting her logistical information from her.  That’s it!

So, let’s recap.  If you’re going to use attraction routines, here’s what you do (in order):

  1.  Start the conversation using an opener from the “How to Meet Her” tutorial.
  1. Say your 2 attraction routines one after the other.
  1. If she’s standing there then you assume she likes you.
  1. Get her logistics (this is covered in the “Logistics” tutorial (the next one after this tutorial)

That’s it!  This is designed to be the simplest method to get a girl attracted to you, because you can know very little about attracting women and just say a couple of things and often you’ll be able to repeatedly get girls to like you.  Pretty cool!

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