See, Here’s the Problem…

The Lesson In Front of You

Rapid Socialization

The Entire Dating Industry is FUCKED! (Spoiler Alert!)

RSD Tyler is WRONG. Here’s Why…

Help! My Numbers are Wood

The Four Relationship Conditions

Here’s the REAL MAGIC PILL You’ve been searching for. Not a joke.

Pickup Guy Approached Jake P. & Student… Poorly.

The Dominance Struggle (2/2) “In-depth” Theory

The Dominance Struggle (Part 1/2)

The “One Lap Rule”

She’s Not Even in the Fucking Room!

Quick tips for New Years Eve

Chicago! And “God Mode” Explained

Being Good Looking with Pockets full of Money

Today’s Student Review

She’ll leave you out of nowhere. Here’s what to do.

From “No Way!” to “The Nuzzle”

Identity and Identity Development

Breaking Her, and the “Secret” to Lifelong Happiness

Getting over “The Hump”

Live With Me – Coaching Review

The Female DHV

How to Date a Bartender

Getting Caught and What Happens

Another Great Review

A Woman’s Slick Trick to get Monogamy

How to Have a Great Valentines Day

Why People Fail At Changing Habits

The Fizzle Out

The ‘Ol Boner & Bye Bye

How to Get a Woman Back

How to Not be Creepy

Coaching Review

How to handle her terrible excuses

How to Handle Her Tantrums

How to Not be Needy

Fulfillment in your Dating Life

One-on-One Review

I Passed out While Fucking

Podcast Ep. 1: Looks (w/ special guest Gabriel)

A Quick TMI Tip

Change Her Instantly!

Please! Keep Being a Hater

Beginner Kills his personal Record

FR: A Hot One Goes Bye Bye (How much BS Is too much?)

Roleplaying from a dominant position

D11 Girl: Update

D11 Orbiting theory (continued)

I didn’t close my D11. Am I an Orbiting?

Dead-Airing Explained

Clarity (Part 2)


Multiple Income Streams of Women

Racing towards 2013: Relationship and Comfort Acceleration

Christmas Cheer & Relationship Decelerators

A Guide to Social Connectors

How to Rate your Woman

Kill “Who is this?” Before it Happens

Convince yourself learning dating doesn’t work

The Room Sweep

Home Care Basics

Don’t be a Whiney Bitch Boy

The Dominance Struggle (2/2) “In-depth” Theory

The Dominance Struggle (Part 1/2)

The Sprinkler

The Celebrity Vibe

Turn the tables

Bloody, Cutting Edge Amogging

Q & A on Flaking

Guys are hitting on me

We’re Lesbians

Rediscover Your Body and your Potential.

Avoiding the Back Burner

Keeping it in check

Confirm her Bullshit Insinuation

How to Tool Bachelorette Parties

I opened 10 chicks in a row!

Fuck 6 girls a week using this 1 Weird Trick!

The Sex Trade

On Age

On Insecurity

Going Sexual

A Chat with Tyler Durden from RSD

1 Trick for Not Getting Drunk

She’s a Slut Anyways…

Letting Go and Breaking Up

Online Dating Strategy

Open Strong or Open Wrong

How many women have you slept with?

How to know where you stand with women.

A Student’s Big Decision

The “One Lap Rule”

I Believe

Being Social Without Booze.

Cancun Street Video

Quit Your Day Job… Now!

She’s Not Even in the Fucking Room!

What to do when a girl texts you “Who is this?”

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