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The Lesson In Front of You

It’s easy to dream when you start learning about women.  We dream about getting that one hot girl we like.  We dream about maybe getting a girlfriend or even a wife.  Some of us don’t even dream about marriage cause we’re too busy dreaming about threesomes and dating multiple women.

Regardless of what you’re dreaming about, when we dream we’re thinking about the future.  In fact, we’re focusing on it.

So is focusing on the future okay?

Well, if you’re the type of guy who seems to dream a lot and you seem to not be getting very far (or as far as you’d like) with your dreams, then today I’d like introduce the idea to you that your focus may be off a little bit…

First off, I think dreaming is great.  I also think that applying some thought and focus to your dreams is great as well.  It allows you to know what your future goals are and when you’ve focused a little bit on that then you can develop a picture of what you think your life will be like sometime down the road.  However, when we focus on the future a lot, I think many of us can easily get lost in that thought and miraculously we end up losing ourselves in our focus on our dreams rather than applying our focus to our goal in a daily, pragmatic way.

The solution to all of this is simple:  Focus on the lesson in front of you today.

If you’re the type of guy who is thinking about how things might be a month from now, a year from now, 6 years from, or whatever it may be, you’re doing it all wrong!  Instead, place your focus on what you can do in the next 24 hours ahead of you, daily, and I promise you that every single day you’re going to get closer to where you want to be.

So what exactly is the lesson in front of you?

Well, the answer is that you don’t know until it happens, really.  For me, I go out a few times a week and when I start approaching and getting reactions and feedback from women, I automatically start thinking.  I start processing what I did, how I did it, what I said, what the girl’s reactions might have meant, etc.  When I process all of that information I try to look for patterns.  Did a few different girls say the same thing about me?  Were they all looking at a particular item of my clothing?  Did they all give me the same look when I said a certain thing?

That’s my lesson.

I go out and take action, I get whatever results I get, and I try to learn whatever lesson or lessons were in front of me that night.

That’s it.

I simply place my focus on taking action and learning whatever lesson or lessons are in front of me today.  When I focus on my next 24 hours, daily, and I remove my focus from some far off goal, I’m finally able to make measured, repeatable progress.

And guess what???

DUDE.  There are only so many lessons you have to learn before success will come your way!  In fact, I used to write up my approaches and my thoughts daily in a journal online and when I finally looked back to my first posts 6 months after starting this process, I immediately realized that I had surpassed anything I could have dreamed was possible in my life with women! 
In other words, my dreams had been completely inaccurate the whole time!  Now here I sit 10 years later WORLDS ahead of anything I could have dreamed possible, and it’s because I simply focused on the next lesson in front of me.

So today I’d like to challenge you to focus on your next 24 hours.  What can you do to get closer to where you want to be?

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