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The Four Relationship Conditions

If I’m honest, not a lot of things interest me in the dating realm anymore, because honestly at this point I feel like I’ve heard it all.  However, one thing that does interest me is creating brand new, profound ways to understand the dating process, and today I’d like to share one such realization with you.  

That realization is that no matter who you have met or what you would tell others your relationship is like with a girl, your relationship will fall into one of four categories.  Furthermore, I would bet money that unless you understand today’s post and how your actions relate to it, that ALL your relationships throughout your life will likely fall into the same exact category, every time.  

Why, you ask?

Because the condition of your relationship is determined by levels of eagerness in your words and in your actions.  In fact for most guys, eagerness in words and actions amount to a behavioral condition around women that lasts for life.  It’s difficult if not impossible to change unless you’re aware of it, so let’s open your eyes for a bit here…

First off, let’s talk about the 4 relationship conditions.  They are:

1.  Underqualified for the girl

2.  Overqualified for the girl

3.  Stringing the girl along

4.  Boyfriend Potential/Further relationship potential

So how does this affect your life?  

Well, let’s say that you’re a guy who is continually not getting results from new interactions.  If this is the case then it’s likely that you’re a guy who is consistently becoming under qualified for the girl in some way.  It’s also likely that this is happening quickly upon meeting the girl because that’s when she’s saying no.  

Another example.  Let’s say that you’re losing women, but they’re dumping you 6 months into the relationship.  Well, it’s likely that you might have started out with some boyfriend potential, then you had further relationship potential, and then finally you became under qualified for the girl and then she dumped you… womp.  

It’s important to understand that these conditions are caused by your level of eagerness in your words and actions, and that’s because eagerness is quite closely related to attraction.  You could be (in no specific order):

-eager with your words and actions

-eager with your words but not your actions

-not eager with your words or actions

-not eager with your words and not eager with your actions

*Each one of these conditions creates a specific relationship condition from above.*

Now it’s important to remember that eagerness itself isn’t necessarily bad!  It’s how each individual woman interprets your eagerness that you should be aware of, and this is often where compatibility lies for those who have no awareness of their own actions and how they might affect a woman’s emotional state and level of attraction.   In other words, if you’re clueless then you might be a guy who ends up under qualified his whole life until one specific woman interprets your actions in a different way than the others have.   Then and only then would this type of guy say “She’s the ONE!!!!” and fall in love.  Well, that is until she eventually interpreted his eagerness differently and then dumped him again cause he’s under qualified.  

So there you have it.  Your levels of eagerness in your words and actions directly result in one of the four relationship conditions I’ve talked about above.  

Which one are you falling into and how can you change it?  

So that’s it for today guys.  See you next time.

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