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RSD Tyler is WRONG. Here’s Why…

Since I’m going to start ruling the entire pickup community (one of these days  😒), I decided yesterday to watch a few videos on YouTube of RSD to get an idea of my competition.  I watched the latest video where Tyler is in Hawaii, another one with him and Jeffy in Vegas talking about how they’re “old” now, and a third video that seemed to be highlighting several different cities across america an abroad.  Overall, I have to say I was impressed by a lot of things.  The settings, editing, and cinematography are amazing!  It makes me wish I had a budget for things like other people to work for me, lol.  But here I am 10 years into my career and I don’t have that because I’ve never worked on my career really, I’ve just been having sex with women for 10 years… (hand slaps forehead…)

So although the videos were great, TYLER IS WRONG about the advice he gave the community on having a “screening frame.”  I’m about to tell you why, but first let’s discuss the concept so everyone is on the same page.

Okay, so having a “screening frame” when you’re meeting women is the idea that you can meet women and give her the idea that you’re screening her.  In other words, you have your choice of women and you’re deciding if she’s good enough.  In the videos, Tyler advocates adopting a “screening frame” when you talk with women, saying basically that if you can do that it’ll help your game.  He does not offer up exactly how to do this really.  He does explain why it helps, though.

Personally, I love this concept of having a screening frame and it’s definitely something I personally have.  In fact, it’s the mark of a guy who has abundance, because when you have abundance you’re actually screening for real.  To me this is evidence that Tyler has abundance in his dating life, yayyy.  As many of you know, Tyler and I have literally taught workshops side-by-side in many of the same venues for 10 years or so now in Hollywood, so we’ll often chat even with each others students during workshops.  So I’m not here to shit on him or say he’s not skilled… really I’m not.  He’s put in the time and effort to get good and he’s the real deal guy.  We get along quite well, sometimes even end up at the same parties, and we seem to commonly see each other around Hollywood.

The problem with just telling guys “go and try to have a screening frame and it’ll help” is that the information is VERY poorly timed for the student and has little to no practical application associated with it that would allow the information to actually be used properly.  It would be like me just telling a student “Go try to be confident, it’ll help.”  Well, if you don’t have confidence, or in this case a “screening frame” then it doesn’t really help students to tell them to do that.
Let’s go down this rabbit-hole together, starting with a concept called “information timing”…
“Information timing” is that idea that the only information that’s going to help you grow as a student is information that you can apply at that very moment, and anything else will either go straight over your head or worse, it could hurt your game even.

For instance, let’s say I tell a virgin all about how to aggressively kino (touch) a girl.  This information would be quite poorly timed for him.  It would likely be FAR over his head, and if he was unlucky enough to believe the advice I tell him enough to actually go and do some aggressive kino, he could have some very negative consequences.  He could get slapped or even arrested for some type of sexual crime, and obviously this would be a terrible result.

The same is true for this piece of advice Tyler gives, it’s extremely poorly timed for almost the entirety of his students, and if they go out and try to do this, it’s likely going to kill their game because in practice they will most certainly apply this information incorrectly.

Allow me to talk about my experience here first, then we’re going to talk about practical application of this concept.

When I was coming up in the game I heard about the concept of screening a girl VERY early on.   It came in the form of a Mystery routine (that’s the dude mystery, not “something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain“).  In the routine you tell the girl something to the effect of “Tell me three things about yourself that I would like.”  –Ugh, just writing that makes me wanna puke, because I remember actually saying this to a girl and getting my ass handed to me.  I got a “WTF” look from a hot girl and she was like “Bitch, tell me three things I’d like about you, cause I don’t see any right now from where I’m at.”—  “oh shit…”  

So did adopting the “screening frame” help me?

Fuck… No.  

It didn’t help because it was poorly timed information for me and because I didn’t have a practical way to apply the information.

Now let’s talk about what actually happened to me when I was learning game.

First, I went out and tried and tried and tried non-stop like 5 days a week (or more sometimes) until I learned all my basic skills and was getting numbers and a few dates.  Then I came to Hollywood (a huge culture shock for me being from Iowa) and spent 3 full months gaming before I got laid.  From there, Brad told me “I don’t even wanna see you until you’ve got a rotation.”  I think within a few weeks I had one, and then the very next week I went from dating 3 girls to dating 7.  This is what it looks like when you’re starting to get abundance.

Now I had a time problem.

To me, 7 girls is manageable, but back then and for most guys it’s not.  You start forgetting who is who and I had to start making myself notes on my phone of who each girl was so I could remember where I met her.  Try it.  Go try turning 100 sets a week into 30 phone numbers and then 7 girls you’re dating and tell me if you need notes… I did.

What starts happening is that the confusion, lack of time, moral concerns, and everything else kick in and you’re literally forced to start telling some women no.  You start not returning texts, telling girls you’re taken, telling new ones you don’t wanna date that you have a girlfriend, etc. just to get them to go away because you know that you don’t have time for them and they’re just not good enough for you anyways.  The only new girls you do have time for are girls who you deem “better” than the one or ones that you’re currently seeing.


Screening came as a direct NEED from having abundance.  Once you have a rotation of women and you’re having sex all the time, you simply won’t have enough time for all of the women who want you, and you’ll start finding ways to say no.

First off, you’ll stop caring.  Once you’ve got your first rotation of three women, you’ll be having sex with 1-3 girls every day and literally there is a physical and mental change in your entire being.  This is not something you can mimic as a beginner, and if you haven’t experienced this yet I highly recommend it.

That lack of caring causes you not to feel a lot of the needs that you previously had that were causing you to act “weird” and have lack of success as a result.  You stop being as attentive to women, you stop agreeing with everything they say, you stop trying so hard, and you start to become more audacious about standing up for yourself and generally about handling things you’re now starting to see as women’s “bullshit” as I like to call it.

At this point, your results multiply at an exponential rate.  Things get easier and easier, and you’ll experience HUGE paradigm shifts in your thinking from time to time.  Abundance and screening are first, and after that you can expect about 1-2 huge realizations each year I’d say, and I’m talking about Earth-rattling realizations that are so profound you believe there won’t be another one… until there is another one.  Then another, and another.  I believe there have been about 10, maybe 11 times this has happened to me, and each time I think there’s no way this could happen again.  “I’m just too far along in this process to not be done yet” I think.

Now I say all this all at the risk of sounding super-duper braggy because I want to illustrate fully the path you’re on when you start to screen.  Again, it’s a result of abundance, NOT a cause.

So can you “fake it till you make it?”  as Tyler seems to suggest?

Well, you’ll NEVER be able to truly fake all the things that come along with true abundance… you just won’t.  Women can smell this shit a mile away, especially the hot ones…

***Side note: A 42 year-old ex-10 (super duper hot girl who now is single and 42 for whatever reason) has a SERIOUS problem on her hands because she’s used to screening for and getting guys who have abundance using her social dominance techniques, yet now her looks don’t warrant attention from those same men.  Uh oh.

Now she’s in a situation where she has trouble being attracted to any guy she can reasonably attain, because she won’t be attracted to any guy who can’t get through her screening.  In other words, she is only attracted to guys who are socially dominant enough to get through her screening, and her screening is now at it’s best because at her highest level of experience, yet she can’t attract those guys now because she’s too old and guys who have that ability would just choose a hotter younger girl.

This is why women marry for money… because they can’t get a dominant male anymore, so the next best thing is having a lavish lifestyle with a beta male whom they can control.  They reason that he’s dominant to appease themselves in their mind because he’s in a position of wealth, but this is mostly delusional.***

So back to faking your way through screening… lol.

So there are some things you can do, and these are things that practically can be taught using live coaching.  These are things like breaking rapport, showing outcome independence, sticking up for yourself, challenging her back when you’re challenged, not accepting her frame, etc.  These are the skills you need to win a dominance struggle, and they can be taught as they come up situation-by-situation in live-game.

Oh wait, sorry, nobody knows what dominance struggles are yet…  (second forehead slap).  Dammit, why didn’t I work on my business more and not just have sex all day everyday for a decade…

Anyways, moving on…

The point of this whole story is that if you’re a beginner you shouldn’t be worrying AT ALL about trying to adopt a “screening frame.”  The reality is that you won’t have one in the beginning, and that’s fine.

Did you hear me clearly there???  It’s fine!

Until you do have a screening frame for real, you can start learning individual concepts that you’ll later have when you work hard enough to get the real screening frame, and those concepts will help you with something far more pressing:  learning how to dominance struggle with the women you meet.

So just to be clear, here is the process of learning pickup:

1.  Fix your fashion.  It’s your ticket to the game.

2.  Do whatever you need to do to be able to start conversations with women.  Conversations are your learning platform for skills like attraction, etc.  Don’t not open girls because you’re working on your inner game.

3.  Incite dominance struggles in your conversations in order to learn how women screen so you can beat what they’re doing.  Do this not and you’ll spend a lot of time not getting screened at all and wondering what the hell to do in game.  (I spent YEARS that I could have saved if I had known this).

4.  Beat women in the dominance struggles you create and watch in amazement as you start to get attraction all the time and have sex all the time and create abundance in your life.

5.  Adopt a screening frame because you NEED to, not because you TRIED to.

6.  Write posts like this telling the top pickup “GURU’s” that they don’t know shit because they were working on their business for 10 years instead of learning their craft.

7.  Be jealous of Tyler’s empire and the amount of people he can reach.

The End.

Okay, not the end just yet.  So I guess summing this all up, I just am annoyed that seemingly the “best” information out there from quite frankly the most well-known active coach is information like “adopt a screening frame so that she feels like you’re screening her!”  

To me this shit is just sooooo old-school and tired.  It’s the same regurgitated shit from 10 years ago, and unless you assist in teaching practical application, then really all you’re doing is hurting your students by telling them some ill-timed attributes that dudes who are better than them have and beginners don’t.  This is the same as just saying statements like “Just have confidence, dude” and it doesn’t help anyone.  It just confuses people and demonstrates that we as a community of coaches can’t do a great job for our students by leading them to learn the right information at the right time.

Instead of giving this advice out to people who can’t use it yet, we should be talking about skills that beginners and intermediate guys can use.  Let’s talk about skills that demonstrate social dominance and skills that will in-turn help guys win dominance struggles in-person with the girls they meet.  We should be talking about skills that get you the abundance of sex you need to actually adopt a real screening frame out of need, not a fake screening-frame that you want because we told you it’s there when you’re already good.

Okay, so that’s all I have to say about that.  Thanks for reading…

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