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Rapid Socialization

Last night I literally had a dream that I was on Joe Rogan’s podcast and we were talking about what I do.  He asked me about dominance struggles and about the first rule of attraction, and then I said “Well, yeah.  Basically what I do is rapid socialization of my clients until they have the ability to function on their own without me.  It takes as little as 3 months.”  

Then I woke up… instantly.  “Wow, what a cool phrase!”  I thought.   

So for those of you who have read me for awhile and are familiar with how i teach, this concept of rapid socialization shouldn’t be new or mind-boggling or anything like that.  The idea is just that the socialization process doesn’t have to take years and instead it can take only a few months to complete. 

Let me explain.  

Say you’re a natural alpha dude who learns over the course of his lifetime that he’s cool, great looking, great with women, etc.  Still, it takes YEARS to learn how to talk to women, what to say, how to say it, where the boundaries are, etc.  In the end (if you’re very lucky), you’re the alpha male and you have sex with a bunch of women and then get married and have kids and live happily ever after.  Yay!  😐

Wow, how great for all those guys.  I’m so completely excited for them (not).  

For the rest of us, learning that I AM COOL and I AM GREAT LOOKING and WOMEN LOVE ME almost never happens.  If it does, it happens at a much slower rate than it does for natural alpha males, simply because we don’t receive as much positive social feedback as they do.  After all, we lack confidence in all or many areas, and we often doubt the feedback we get even when it is positive.  

This sucks, so to cure the sucking in life in the fastest way possible, you have to engage in rapid socialization.  

Rapid Socialization is the process where you start getting TONS of positive feedback NOW.  This positive feedback from those around you changes you into a different person than you are now.  Your self confidence shoots through the roof, you stop doubting yourself, and best of all women tell you’re cool and hot all the time and lots of them want to have sex with you.  Awesome, right!?!

Now I’m sure you’re saying “But wait, Jake, this sounds like total bullshit and it’ll never happen to me.”  

I understand.  Listen up though… 

The reality is that it takes FOUR things to make rapid socialization happen, so if it hasn’t happened to you or for you, it’s because haven’t done the four things that you MUST do to socialize yourself rapidly:  

1.  You MUST find an expert mentor

2.  You MUST get continued hands-on coaching from your mentor

3.  You MUST take massive action

4.  You MUST learn from your mistakes  

Fail on any of these and your process of rapid socialization will slow down or even completely stop.  

However, if you do these things, here’s what the process could look like…  

First, you find your mentor.  He takes you to get a professional makeover and professional grooming. This makes you feel fantastic.  Next you take action by going out and talking to women.  You start receiving compliments like you never have before and you feel amazing.  This causes you to want to talk to more women to see what your potential really is.  During the process you make mistakes and you don’t judge yourself harshly for them, because after all you still look and feel amazing and your mentor helps you interpret your failures and explains how to learn from them when you can’t on your own.  You start getting laid in short order, and with your new-found knowledge, you make less and less mistakes, get laid more and more, and you continue receiving positive feedback.  

At a certain point, you look back on your past and you realize that you’ve been having success for awhile now.  You remember the “old you” and how much that sucked, and now it’s hard for you to understand why more people don’t do what you did.  After all, it’s just seems so easy now…  

Thanks for reading! 

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