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Here’s the REAL MAGIC PILL You’ve been searching for. Not a joke.

Yooooo guys!  Hi again.  I know it’s been awhile.

Today I wanna talk about what’s been on my mind lately, and it’s likely something you’ve not heard before.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolution of game.  I’ve been chatting with some “older” students who have trained with every company across the board, and when they find out my dominance struggle theory they go crazy.  Not joking, they go fucking crazy and get super excited.

“You mean I don’t just have to go out and say all these crazy memorized routines and hope they stick?”


“Wait, but is this natural???”


“So what is it?”

It’s the ability to flex your creative muscle in order to create a dominance struggle. And it’s what I believe to be the single most important factor in determining how good you’ll be with women for the rest of your life.  

Let me explain.

I’m sure many of you guys are listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast, and to me the life of a comedian has many similarities with the life of a guy who is learning dating.  We both do “sets,” and we both go through this ABSOLUTELY CRAZY task of flopping like hell until we ever-so-slowly learn our skill set bit-by-bit.  The end result is that to the layman you are just killing it!  You’re prepared for any and everything someone might think in their head or try and do to you before they ever attempt it.  I can literally count down the seconds until a girl approaches me or re-opens me, and it’s a symptom of the original “embrace and extend” theory I learned years and years ago.

The concept is this:  When you embrace the concept behind a routine because you’ve done that routine a bunch, you’ll soon start to branch off of the original words and use the concept in different places.  This extension in your ability to use the theory opens up new doors to new things to say, and when you write those things down, you can repeat them forever and they always work, and it’s because the original concept or theory behind the routine you learned still works.

Got it?

So what happens when you can do this with dominance struggles and how does that relate to the current state of game that’s taught across the dating industry?

First off, it’s obvious that much of the dating industry still teaches routines (myself included).  They’re a great way to start you out and get you through the initial stages of overcoming your fear and being able to open and start getting attraction.  Cool.  The problem with this method of coaching was that students experienced extreme backlash from women when women “found out” that the student wasn’t as charismatic as he was professing to be.  Often and expectedly, the routines were delivered terribly with poor facial expression, tonality, and overall energy, and it caused havoc.

Enter “Natural Game.”

Backlash from what you could call really really unnatural game caused the industry to adjust.  Now the plan was to sell “Natural Game,” which I can only imagine was some dumb “be yourself” shit that coaches tries to adjust to or something?  I’m not sure, I never jumped on this marketing train.  It’s important to note though that GUYS FUCKING KNEW that pickup and routines were unnatural, even when those guys were not the most social guys.

Okay, so we started with super unnatural game, then went to trying to do the most natural game ever (read:  guys flopping super miserably).

So what’s the end game here?  Where does the dating industry end up?

The way I see it, we end up teaching a way of gaming that absolutely appear natural in every way to the woman.  In other words, you didn’t walk up from 20 feet away, you didn’t say an awkward long memorized line, and you have plausible deniability that you’re even making an approach.  In other words, should she accuse you of hitting on her you could EASILY make a quick and solid argument against that frame.  (quick for instance, if you said “Uh, you bumped into me lady.  Get over yourself.”)

So what’s the minimum amount of canned “game” we need and how can we make this process seem absolutely like “it just happened” to the woman?  What MUST we do and what can we absolutely not do?

Well, there are things that you absolutely cannot NOT do.

For instance, you can’t NOT open (until you’re at a higher level and you can do my “she’s not even in the room” stuff, which for the record I’ve never seen another human be able to do).  To make your opening as natural as possible, it MUST be situational,  it MUST be something normal guys would say, or it MUST be a spin on something a normal guy would say.

Spoiler alert:  I already teach exactly this, and you can do it.  You already do.

Second thing you can’t not do:  You also can’t NOT continue speaking after you open a girl.  You simply MUST continue talking after your opener.  You talk 100% and she talks 0%.  This is the rule.  Be the guy you are around your friends and family who doesn’t hold back in any way.  Show her 100% the true you.

That covers opening and the beginning of attraction.

Next up, what’s the end-game of attraction?

News Flash:  It’s dominance struggles.  Women screen first by seeing if your level of social dominance is even worth paying attention to, then by trying to socially dominate you for clarification of your value.  THAT’S IT.  Done.

Now we come to the interesting part of things, because if you’re a guy who just doesn’t communicate enough value to the woman in front of you, then you won’t be able to practice dominance struggles.  She’ll simply not respond to you and you won’t get tested by her, and not you can’t practice this most important skill in the entire world.  Womp.  That sucks.

So we need a method for practicing dominance struggles, and we need it to be natural and not routine-y.

This is where our creativity is necessary.

The task at hand for a guy learning dating is to be able to practice the dominance struggle “dance,” and the minimum way we can do this is by giving you… you guessed it… a canned line!

Yayyyy, more canned shit… I know.

It’s important though!  It’s a very small, short line, and it’s the ONLY line you’ll ever have to learn, I assure you.

Remember earlier when I talked about embracing a concept and then extending it?  This small bit of a beginning script is the FIRST STEP you’ll take towards gaining the skill set of CREATING DOMINANCE STRUGGLES WITHOUT SCRIPTS.

Now stop, please.  This is the single most important thing I can possibly tell you in your whole life.

When you can create dominance struggles “on the fly” or seemingly out of nowhere with a woman, and you can do so in the context of a role-play, you will never in your life struggle with women ever again.  
Let’s talk about the IMMENSE benefits of this:

1.  100% Natural, because it’s based on what you’re already seeing, hearing, and feeling in that moment.

2.  MINIMUM AMOUNT OF “CANNED” or “SCRIPTED” LINES.   Literally it’s one fucking line I give you and maybe an opener or two which have now become a few words you’re already saying.  This is literally the minimum you can do of using lines.

3.  Allows you a platform for practice and development of your dominance struggling skill set (the skills you’ll need your entire life if you want to keep a women or get infinitely many new women).

4.  Always maximizes your chances at getting attraction, because women use this screen to literally decide if they’re attracted.

5.  Over time you develop your creativity more and more, and in doing so you become more and more “natural” in your appearance to the women you meet.  Yes, you’re using a theory, but you’re using it in the way YOU use it.  This means its 100% congruent.  You can’t be “caught” doing this because it’ll never come off like a line.

So that’s it.  The “end game” for everyone and anyone in the dating industry will be to learn this simple formula of being able to open in a seemingly natural and therefore plausibly deniable way and then creatively start a dominance struggle (as a means to attraction) with the woman in front of you.

(Note here that when I’m talking about opening, I’m talking about obeying the first rule of attraction, which is that for a girl to get attracted to you, she has to NOT know if she could “get you.”)

Also, for good measure let’s throw in the 2nd rule of attraction (first time announcing this):

The second rule of attraction is that if a girl somehow gets the idea that she could have you if she wants to, you must CREATE DOUBT in her mind if you want to get that girl.

…and by doubt I mean real, plausible doubt, not just saying something like “whatever you couldn’t have me!” or some other uncalibrated shit.  She must actually get the idea that she was wrong about her initial impression.

So that’s it.

The “end game” for the dating industry gives guys who are learning about women:
1.  The ability to open in a plausibly deniable way so that the woman doesn’t instantly think she could have the guy if she wanted
2.  The ability to learn and practice how to attract women using the woman’s own screening mechanism.  
Do you know anyone else’s method in the dating industry that accomplishes both of these?  I sure don’t.

And by the way, these two points have EXTREME BENEFITS FOR THE STUDENT!

1.  When you can open in a plausibly deniable way, it eliminates approach anxiety!  When you don’t feel like she “knows” you’re hitting on her, how nervous do you feel?  Probably not nervous at all, right?  Yeah… me neither.

2.  When you can practice beating a woman’s screening mechanism, you’re like a comic working on his material over and over until you can creatively do this in a fun way for you, and there is no better way to keep you interested in the process.

It should be FUN to hit on women!

It should NOT be scary, anxiety-inducing punishment that makes you wanna stay at home, get high, order a pizza, eat it, then jerk off to porn while getting fatter by the minute, only to end up a super-alone creepy weirdo.

Cool.  So that’s my lesson today.  Hope you liked it.

See you guys soon.

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