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How to Rate your Woman

OR!… as we like to call it the “Rate-A-Chick” system.  Wondering how your chick stacks up against another one?  Here’s a fool-proof method to know for sure which one is truly better.

This rating system is pretty simple, and it’s based on the value a woman offers to your life.  There are three categories of value a woman offers to a man’s life.  Those three are:

1.  Sexual Value – Sexual value is pretty obvious.  An example of a high sexual value woman would be  a woman who brings other women to you to have threesomes with.  Another example of a woman with high sexual value is one whose techniques or bedroom style matches well with yours.  If you can grow together sexually that’s another huge plus.

An example of a woman with low sexual value is someone who won’t have sex with you or has extreme issues with having sex.  To me, any woman who doesn’t have a lot of sexual comfort is a huge minus.  Again, the ability to grow and change herself is a plus, because it allows room in your dating life to include a woman who is possibly a bit under-experienced or naive about sex.

A quick side note:  To many men, having a woman with low sexual experience is a HUGE thing.  They only want to date women who have had sex with less than X number of men.  In other words, they’re equating sexual value with lack of sexual experience.  Huh?  Why?  I’m all for dating younger girls who don’t have a lot of experience, but when I do I would prefer a girl who is both willing and ready to learn and grow sexually, because there are many women who might have that low level of sexual experience who will have it forever because quite simply they are for whatever reason not comfortable with sexual experiences on the whole.

2.  Social Value – The social value that a woman offers a man is a lot about arm candy and how the woman carries herself.  When you walk into any place with a gorgeous woman on your arm who is laughing, smiling, and flirting with you, it makes you look great in many ways, and many men value this a great deal.  How good does the woman you’re rating make you look?  Social value is also about social skills and how a woman carries herself.  Does your woman back you up in public and stand right by your side?  High status women are often classy and sophisticated, and if you’re into that type of thing then having a woman with class is a valuable thing.

A woman with low social value makes you look like shit in front of everyone.  She maybe dresses poorly or doesn’t always look her best, she might have poor social skills, laugh way too loud, get too drunk, or make other common social mistakes.  Worse yet, she could not back you up in front of your friends, thereby making you look even worse.  How terrible of a person are you that your own chick won’t back you up!  I’m not sure about you, but any woman I date has my back 100% and it doesn’t matter if i’m the wrongest i’ve ever been, we’ll talk about that privately another time.

3.  Lifestyle Value –  The lifestyle value a woman offers can be a large range of things, all of which boil down to how your general day to day life has improved with her around.  For me, chemistry with a woman is a huge benefit to my lifestyle.  You’ve got a normal baseline of how your life was before her, and now that she’s around what are you doing differently and how has your life changed?

A woman with very high lifestyle value might be mega rich and take you on vacations or provide for you, or as I said earlier she might just make you feel good every time you’re with her.  Often women offer lifestyle value because of where they work too.  This could be anything from free hamburgers if she works at McDonalds, to free vacations if you travel with her to a work destination.

Using your newfound knowledge of the value women offer to men, what questions do you have?  Are you choosing between two women or even whether or not you’re just going to keep the one you’re with?  Feel free to comment below.  What value does she offer you?  Can you change the value she offers you by asking for more?  With a little bit of knowledge, some desire to make your life better, and a little bit of balls to ask for what you’d like, most guys can considerably make their dating lives better!  So get out there and start enjoying your lifestyle as a single man, you deserve it!

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