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The Room Sweep

One of the easiest ways women catch their men sleeping around on them is by finding miscellaneous objects left in your house from other women.  It could be something as obvious as a video on your computer, a pair of panties, or even a stain on your sheets, but no matter what it is, when you do get caught with some damning piece of evidence that your vaginal Sherlock detects, it’s not going to be fun for you.  So if you’re starting to sleep with more than one woman and you don’t wanna get caught, you might wanna do “The Room Sweep”….

The obvious.  

You should do a room sweep after a girl leaves your house.  Sometimes you might do it again before a woman shows up, but the rule is to do it after she leaves because you never know when random events will cause her to show up at your house, and doing your room sweep after she leaves will ensure your room is ready all the time. 

What the room sweep includes:  

1.  Change your sheets and pillowcases – Cum stains and vaginal secretions turn white, and the smell of another woman on your sheets is unmistakeable.  Please be courteous and hygenic and change your sheets.  Have some common human decency if you’re going to be sexually active.

2.  Lift up your mattress and inspect for earrings, etc in the side cracks of the bed – It’s common to find earrings here, and nothing’s worse than a girl rolling over in the morning and starting the day with a “Whose is this?”  

3.  Check underneath your bed and around your room for anything the girl might’ve left.  Assume there’s something somewhere and you just haven’t found it yet, cause normally there is something there.  

4.  Empty the garbage can/s in your bathroom and room – This one should be obvious, because you don’t want to have to explain away a tampon in my garbage can.  The same goes for condoms, old makeup bottles, etc.  It’s way easier to keep your bathroom clean.

5.  Throw away anything you find that’s of minimum value (like hair ties, hair clips, etc) – This leaves minimum possibility for error.  If she ever asks about her item (which in my experience almost never happens), simply tell her you’ll look and that you didn’t find it.  

“Yeah Jake, but if I know an item is hers why don’t I just call her and give it back?”  Well if you’re only having sex with one girl and you’re not going out meeting new women then this is fine, but with more than one girl it’s too big a risk.  First you’ve gotta remember to give the item back, then you’ve gotta store the item/s until the girl is back or until you go over to her house, and then you’ve got the item in your car and another chance to mess up and forget to give it back.  Remember the goal is zero margin for error and as close to zero risk as possible.  


This whole room sweep strategy fits nicely into your persona of being a clean, hygenic guy who keeps both himself and his living quarters clean.  Cheating and not getting caught, or having multiple long-term relationships is not about luck, it’s about effective strategy and habits.  Take the precaution of doing a room sweep when a girl leaves your house and soon enough you’ll develop a habit of it, and careful habits breed success when you’re dating more than one woman.  Compromise your habits (or don’t have them at all) at your own risk.  If you’re gonna be sexually active, be smart about it.

And since i’ve touched on successful habits needed for having sex with more than one woman, i’ll go a bit further.  If you’re going to be dating around in a non-serious way, it’s a great idea to make a habit of not dating more than one girl in your own neighborhood.  Date one who is close to you and another who’s across town maybe, and another who is about an hour or more away, or even a state away.  Maybe date a girl who is just a fuck buddy.  Women know that it’s normal for single people to be dating around, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re dating around they would like to find out by seeing you on a date or seeing your car at an odd house when you’ve told them you’re at your buddies house that night.  It’s okay to be up-front with a woman and let her know if you’re not someone who is looking for a more serious relationship right now.  However, it’s not okay to cause a women harm by her finding out in a dramatic way that you’re dating someone else when she thought you were exclusive with her.  Not cool.

Finally, another habit worth mentioning is one you should start early in your relationship, and that’s the habit of having a life outside of your relationship.  When you first start dating a girl, feel free to not go out with her and tell her when you’ve got plans already.  Simply tell her “I’ve got plans that night.”  If she asks you what they are, tell her “Oh you’re jealous already?  That’s cute.  Come here, gimme a hug.”

All of these tips are mostly common sense when you think about them.  Keep your room clean, keep it supplied with some basic items that humans need or want, try keeping your nose out of trouble, and your dating life will be a comfortable and drama free one. 

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