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The Sprinkler

Just over a year ago I wrote about a technique I use where I avoid eye contact with people in a bar to create the impression in others that i’m a high-value person and make women intrigued by the combination of my presence and visually apparent lack of neediness.  Even before I developed this technique, I had already been teaching a similar technique to my students called “The Sprinkler.”  Now for all you guys who have managed to miss out this long, i’ll talk you through it.

First of all, what is the sprinkler?

Well, the sprinkler is a body language and eye-contact technique that I developed to use throughout an interaction for the purpose of giving the girl the maximum opportunity to pay attention to me and to look at me.  In this manner, she can get an idea of my personality and character without feeling like i’m staring at her and getting creeped out in the process.  Basically, I look non-chalant but still engaged in the conversation and I vary my positioning like that of a sprinkler that shoots water in a metered fashion until it recoils and resets to its original position.

Here are the steps to The Sprinkler:

1.  Gain eye contact from the girl through talking to her.  I like to use a touch with the back of my first two fingers to her shoulder also if for some reason my words aren’t enough.

2.  Talk very briefly, like for a second, then look away from her.  If it’s the first instance of turning away you’re doing, and turning all the way away from her with your body and eyes would be 180 degrees total, then for your first turning away I would go about 30 degrees, and only with your head, not your body.  The second instance should be 90 degrees, and the third instance I like to start at 90 degrees and then lose attention from her and what i’m talking about for a second while I go to about 150 degrees or almost all the way away from her (this one is brief).

3.  Stay turned away from the girl with your head (or head and body) while you continue talking for a few seconds (10 at the most) or until the girl is starting to lose attention, then repeat Steps 1-3.

4.  One full sprinkler is gaining eye contact, breaking to turn to 30, gaining eye contact again, breaking to turn to 90, gaining eye contact again, and breaking to turn almost all the way away from her.

Again, this technique is used to maintain a girl’s focus on you while delivering your opener.  When you get that down, you can continue using this technique during other times in your set, like when delivering a story or routine.  To do this, simply gain her eye contact at “important” parts of conversation, times you want to add emphasis to what you’re saying, or times that you want to reward her with your attention, then break eye contact while still talking.  You can also do the opposite of this where while she’s talking you break eye contact while acting like you’re listening.  In these cases, give her eye contact to reward something she says or does.

Also!  Remember that this is part of a bigger plan we call chase theory.  We want to create a situation where the girls we meet, date, etc. are chasing us, not the other way around!  And the process of chasing and neediness, who wants the other person more, etc.  all start with eye contact.  Guess what?  If you’re looking at her more than she is you, then you’re in chase mode!  Time to start evaluating your behavior and changing it up before it’s too late.  Ideally, a woman seeks a man’s eye contact more than he does her, and in that manner he can maintain his dominance in the relationship (which, remember, is what she wants!!!).  Cheers.

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