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Turn the tables

Lately one of my favorite things to do when talking with women is something called a role-reversal.  A role reversal is the acting out of a situation where the man takes on the traditional role of the female and vice-versa.  In other words, if in a situation a female normally would do X and a male would do Y, then when acting out a role reversal the man might do X and expect the female to do Y.  This past weekend I sarged a bit in Houston, and using a role reversal I opened a smoking hot Latina girl and was able to get two free drinks and a makeout within about four minutes!  Role reversals should be one of the many powerful tools in your social arsenal, so today I wanted to share with you a bit about what happened and how you can use role reversals to flirt during your sets.

The setting is an upscale dance-clubbish bar in midtown Houston.  I walk up to a girl who’s ordering drinks at the bar.  

Me:  “Hey, whadja get me???”  

Her (giving me a bitchy look with her head kinda slanted):  “Ummm…?”  

Me:  “Like beer, vodka, scotch, what?”

Her:  “Uh, you’re supposed to get ME a drink.  Why don’t you buy me a drink?”  

Me:  “WHAT?!?  Listen, everybody knows that the girl is supposed to buy the guy a drink, then she’s supposed to try really really hard to impress him.  She’s gotta like take him out and buy him tons of shit and take him to nice meals so that maybe, just maybe, he’ll be like “Mehhhh, okay, I guess she’ll be good enough”… and it all starts with buying him a drink, DUH!”  

Her (laughing):  “NO, everybody knows the guy is supposed to buy the girl a drink.”

Me:  “Listen here little missy.  The job of any hot girl has always been to go out and scam chumpy dudes into buying them drinks so that they can go back and give the drinks to a hot guy, like everybody ever in the world knows that, so you ain’t got a hair on your nuts if you can’t go and find me something right now.  It’s my birthday and you better not ruin it!”  

Her (pointing right at my face):  “You stay right there and don’t move one inch.  I’ll be right back.” 

At this point the girl leaves me and starts approaching guys.  Number one… strikeout.  Number two… strikeout.  I see the girl go for number three then I decide to let her do some work and see if I can beat her to the prize.  I turn back to look right next to me where she was standing and now a guy has taken her place to order a drink.  

Me (energetically):  “Whats up man! How’s it goin?  This place is sweet huh!?!”  

I pump my fist triumphantly in the air and he gives me a fist pound, immediately raising his state.

Him:  “Yeah!  Hey you’re awesome man, i’m buying you a drink.  Whaddya want???”  

Me:  “Oh you don’t have to buy me a drink man, it’s cool.”  

Him:  “No man shut up, what do you want?”  

Me:  “Okay sweet man, thanks.  I’ll take a Heinekan.”

Him (handing me the beer):  “Awesome man, cheers!”  

Me:  “Thanks dude!”  

The guy dissappears back into the club mob and just as I turn around i’m met face to face with my hot new Latina friend, who is now proudly displaying the fruits of her labor in an outstretched hand… a cranberry vodka.  

Me:  “YESSSS!, you’re fucking awesome I love you.”  

Still against the bar and now with serious attraction, I pull her close and take a sexual tone with her:

Me:  “So… do you always buy drinks for random hot guys at bars?

Her:  “Oh yeah, all the time.”  

Me:  “Dirty little girl.  Well, Little Miss Riding Hood, what would happen if one of those times you ran into the big bad wolf and he huffed and puffed and blew your little house down???”

Her:  “That would be….”

Then we madeout.  Now normally a makeout can be a sketchy maneuver, but in this case I know that she was isolated from her friends cause she was the drink-getter and we were in a pretty dark-ish corner of the bar.  This is why I decided to escalate right there and then…. well that and my old buddies were watching me and I kinda wanted to show off 🙂  

So the girl and I makeout for a few seconds a couple times, then she immediately gives me her logistics, telling me she’s with a group for a birthday party and to please just give her my number.  We exchange numbers, she heads back to her friends, and then I head back to my three friends and hand them each a free drink.  Nice!  


So not a bad result on this set from a simple role-reversal.  I open a hot girl and get a couple free drinks, a makeout, and a number.  

Seems easy enough, right?  Well if you’re starting out trying a role-reversal for the first time it may not be the easiest thing the first few times you try it, because when you’re a beginner it’s often difficult to maintain a strong enough frame to see the role-reversal through to the point where the girl is laughing and becomes submissive.  

Because women will do almost anything to divert a man off of his path, I like to argue on extreme  and often unfair terms to maintain frame.  This means that when the girl disagrees or doesn’t comply with my frame i’ll act completely flabbergasted about her perspective and often say something like “Whaaaat?!?  No way!  Are you kidding me?  Everyone in the whole world knows that…. (and I restate my view of things).”  This’ll often make the girl unable to reply to you and instead she’ll just laugh (the desired response).  

So there you have it.  Simple, quick and easy.  Role reversals are a great way to turn the tables on a girl in a fun and interesting way.  Be ready for battling frames a bit with a girl, and if you handle them right you’ll have yourself some attraction and be well on your way to getting the girl.

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