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On Age

Over and over I get asked about age and how to handle it.  Students believe wholeheartedly that somehow their situation with their age is unique and that it needs special attention.  Well i’m here to tell you that your age isn’t a big deal, and regardless of what it is i’ve got a surefire formula for the “age conversation” that works every time.  If you’d like to know it then keep reading…

A side note first on older men.  If you’re over the age of like 55 and you’re hitting on significantly younger girls, then you should expect to add about 20% to the number of sets you do to achieve the same results that someone younger could expect.  In other words, instead of a ten-timer being sets after warmup, for you it should be twelve.  This is because we’ve found that about 20% of younger women (i’m talking 20-30 years your junior) just won’t date men that much older than them.  There are, however, tons of younger women that specifically date men that much older for several reasons, so if you’re counting yourself out before you even try, then you’ve got some limiting beliefs to work on.

That said, let’s get to it.  The general conversational pattern that i’ll go through when talking with a girl about her age is to have her guess my age as many as two times before I tell her my real age, then disqualify her immediately after.  This polarization of the age issue forces the girl to make a decision about my age and vocalize it, telling me exactly where she stands in both her attraction towards me and whether or not she views my age as an issue.  Done correctly, i’ve found this simple procedure tells me with 100% certainty where I stand with the girl in front of me.

I’ll illustrate this further by writing out an example of how the conversation will go.  Sometimes the age issue will get brought up by her, other times by me, but normally I like to bring it up because of the effect it has.  Regardless of how it comes up and whether or not it’s you or her that does so, after that it’ll go like this for me (and by the way i’m 31 years old):

Her:  How old are you?

You:  Take a wild guess.

Her:  Like 26 (she’ll often guess low).

Me (pointing up):  Higher.

Her:  28?

Me:  Nope, i’m 31.  I’m too old for you little girl.  (BTW, the reason I only make her guess twice before telling her is because in my experience girls get annoyed by any further attempts at a guessing game.  Just tell her already).

Her:  *Here she gives one of four responses:*

1.  “I’ve dated guys your age” or “I’ve dated guys older than you” or “That’s not so old” or something along those lines.  This is the ideal result.  My disqualifying of her has forced her to qualify herself, telling me that she’s attracted to me and doesn’t think my age is an issue.  Now i’ll move on with the conversation, often immediately taking things in a sexual direction with another disqualifier, this time sexual:  “Listen, i’m far too old for you, and i’m far too dirty. (pause)  I’m a dirty dirty old man and I would do dirty things to a little girl like you, you should stay away.”

2.  No response.  This could mean that the girl’s not attracted to you yet or that she agrees that you might be too old.  Either way, I would go back into another attraction routine to amp things up.  If you’re in this set 20 minutes this is a go-nowhere and that means blow me or blow me out.

3.  In an exaggerated tone she tells you something like “Yeah gross, you’re WAY too old for me” or “You’re right, you’ve probably got old gross wrinkly balls” or something to that effect.  This is the same result as number one, this time you’re just dealing with a really fun, social version of a girl that’s attracted.  
These are my favorite girls cause they know what’s going on and they play around with the seduction process with me, an awesome result.

4.  “Yeah you probably are” or some other dismissive, uninterested comment.  This one is BY FAR the least common for me, but did happen a couple times when I was growing my skillset.  It means that this girl is not attracted to me and doesn’t even really want to continue talking with me.  This is normal as well, and remember not all women are going to be attracted to us (40% are not attracted or go-nowhere sets).  Just move on.

That’s it.  Simple and clean.  When age is brought up, I make her guess no more than twice, I tell her my real age after that, then immediately disqualify so I get a read on where she’s at.  The only other thing I like to add to this whole process is that when I bring up age, I like to bring it up by disqualifying with something like “Look at you, you’re just a baby.  What are you, like 23?”  Here i’ll really attempt to give her my best guess at her age, i’m not just guessing 23 every time.

Got it?  Use this conversation for anything regarding age and you’ll gain attraction if you’ve already got some, and you’ll also know beyond any shadow of a doubt where you stand with the girl in front of you.  Good luck!

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