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Going Sexual

How do you “Go Sexual” with a girl?  When?

I just answered a form of this question on an online forum that I thought i’d share, cause it’s been coming up a lot in the past couple days.  In fact, I just did a theory session with the pickup mansion students on Monday night where I talked about just this topic and as a result one of the students got a single night lay that very night.  In the meantime here’s the question:

(talking about “being a man-whore as a means to “go sexual” on a girl) day_game_fan wrote:

How do you show that you are a man whore, specially without being mistaken for a creepy horny guy?:-)

My answer:  You get attraction before going sexual.  If she’s attracted you’re a sexy dominant guy, and if she’s not you’re a total creep.

Brad likes to use “Dirty Old Man” routine:

Me:  Look at you, you’re just a baby.  What are you, like 23?  (guess what age you really think she is)

Her:  yes, no whatever.  (narrow her age down)

You:  Yeah, i’m far too old for you girl.

Her:  How old are you?

You:  Take a guess.

*she guesses once, you lead her up or down, she’ll guess again, and then if it’s not right you just tell her your real age and watch her response.  Ideally she’ll say qualify that you’re not that old or that she’s dated guys your age.*

You:  Nah, i’m far too old for you little girl, and you know what else?  I’m far too dirty.  I am a dirty dirty old man and I would do dirty things to a little girl like you.  You should stay far far away from a guy like me.”

When you do this, get in her ear after the age guessing and try to run your hand up the back of her neck and tug her hair at the base of her neck down.  This offers her some foreshadowing of what it might be like to have sex with you.

Girls respond to a sexual advance in a variety of ways, but no matter the response, you can be sure it’s an honest depiction of what “brand” of sexuality she’s got, because you’re directly leading with sexual energy.  From there you’ve got a few types of girls and you can judge whether or not you like her “brand” of sexuality.

1st type – she says something like “Oooohhhh kay” and walks away, or completely withdraws from the conversation.  If this happens you can be sure that she’s either not attracted yet (oops, your fault) or she doesn’t allow herself to act in a sexual manner for some reason, possibly religion, abuse, whatever.  You don’t care, cause you’re nexting her unless you reckon it was a bit early to go there.

2nd type – she gets laughy in a way that dismisses or sidesteps the sexual energy you’re presenting.  This means that you’ve got a girl who responds to sexuality with laughing.  This doesn’t mean she thinks sex is funny, it means sex makes her feel awkward and since she doesn’t know how to be sexual, laughing is all that comes out cause she feels nervous.  I say it’s probably best to ditch this girl immediately unless you want to wait 3 dates to try to touch her boob, only to have her laugh and giggle and stop you when you do.  She’ll tell you something like “Stop, that tickles!”  Annoying.  Save yourself this waste of time and move on.

3rd type – she challenges you in some way.  Often a girl will say something like “Oh yeah?  Well what if I like dirty things?”  or “How do you know i’m not dirty too” or “Try me” or something of that nature.  This is GAME ON!  Often right here you can try to makeout with her, though you might do a quick check first and make sure her friends aren’t in the immediate area cause that’ll often get you denied for a makeout.  Either way, saying this has turned this girl on and she’s getting curious about what you actually will do.  Remember also to not change this routine!  Dirty is the best word to use, cause it automatically calibrates you to her brand of dirty-ness.  She’ll use her imagination in a good way.

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