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I Believe

I believe that everyone in life chooses their level of happiness.  I believe that happiness results from understanding the things we want in life and being patient and motivated enough to form our lifestyle around getting them.  I believe that motivation comes from both inspiration and frustration at times, and regardless of which one we’ve got I believe we often still need the guidance and support of others as we go through the process of learning.

I believe that success comes from doing just what we can do today, and I believe as we attain success we feel more inspired to enrich the quality of our life and the lives of those around us.  I believe that teaching what we have then mastered brings joy to us and those we teach.  I believe in becoming a student again and again.

I believe that each and every man in the world has the capacity to thrive as an attractive, elite man.  I believe that during each man’s journey he deserves to feel the warm comfort of a females body up against him, the softness of her touch, and the ferocity of her passion.

I’m the type of person who likes to have control over every aspect of my life.  In everything I do I challenge the status quo.  I challenge the status quo by thinking differently and living a chosen lifestyle that floods my days with happiness.  Part of that lifestyle is teaching dating skills, and my students just happen to have great success with the women they meet.

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