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“I wasn’t attracted to the girl so I didn’t continue gaming her”

I’ve been seeing guys in the beginning of their learning process have trouble gaming girls who “Aren’t hot enough.” The common post goes like this:

“I open this girl with X opener, then I realize i’m not attracted to her so I eject and/or stop gaming.”

Remember that you’re in the game to improve your SKILLSET with women. Quality will come at random times in the beginning and more consistently later as you grow in your ability. The fastest way to improve your skillset now is to talk to as many girls as possible and game those girls as far as you can or as far as you feel comfortable. Opening a large quantity of women is essential to gaining dating skills in a timely manner.

Does that mean you talk to fat chicks or have sex girls you don’t want to?
Fuck no! But it certainly means that you should be talking to any girl that looks like she’s reasonably compatible with you. If you feel comfortable making out with a girl that you’re not super into cause you want to practice kissing, then i’m all for it.  You might find out you like her and you might decide you don’t.  If you feel like you want to go further than kissing with her as a way to practice your skills, then I say go for it. All the while you’re going to feel what it’s like when a girl starts to chase you and what it feels like to be the one with power and in control of the relationship. This is a great thing to start learning. You’ll also talk more productively when your sexual needs have been taken care of in a healthy way (and you’re not jerking off 3+ times a day).

Another bi-product of talking to girls that you might not be very into right away is that there’s no pressure. You don’t necessarily care about the results and you aren’t needy of validation from the girl. Instead of feeling needy, nervous, and pressured, you’ll find yourself focused more on developing your delivery, tonality, and other important skills. Gain those skills now by talking to a large number of women (even if you maybe don’t want to have a LTR with them) and your head and your skills will be in the right place when you meet the super hot 9’s and 10’s that you’re going to want to have relationships with.

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