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Getting Yourself in the Game

Early in 2007 I started out approaching for the first time at a Brad P bootcamp. I was 27 years old and I estimated that i’d done 7 total cold approaches in my life, all ending in disaster. However, since watching The Pickup Artist on VH1, I had began reading The Mystery Method book and The Game. I found myself hunting around the internet for more and more information and reading everything I could get my hands on. I was not “in the game” yet.

At some point in time, I decided to go out with a buddy who had read some of the stuff with me and talk to girls. My friend approached a couple girls with opinion openers that flopped, so we “locked ourselves in” at the bar and basically waited for conversations. When we were lucky enough to get into actual conversations we would throw negs and basically piss off any girl in the area of us. It was bad.  I thought because this stuff wasn’t working that I should read more and that too didn’t work. Finally I went to a workshop and that Saturday night I started talking with tons of women. Sunday after the workshop I went out to the nightclubs alone and talked to more women.  I kissed a pretty hot girl that night and it felt great to start to have women like me. I still didn’t feel like I was “in the game.”

Soon enough I was talking to girls on a regular basis using the material that I learned. I would study some, review some, think about the material a lot and then go out and use it. Before long I was comfortable with the material enough not to need a note card. I could open and attract and started going on dates more. I was gaining confidence in myself and gaining confidence in my ability to talk to and attract women. I was out there doing it, and I still am. At this point i’m going out on a regular basis to clubs and bars all over the place and I feel like my capability is endless.

When I go out I usually can get my 3 warmups done before I get to the club or within a short time when I get inside. After that, I talk to women who I find attractive, run the material that I know, improvise with some when the material runs out, and kino all the way through. I’m finally starting to get women consistently.

The point of all this? I’m consistently taking action to put myself in situations where I can have interactions with new women. I turn those situations into conversations by opening, and my conversations have a chance to lead to sex for me through my actions. Every night I go out I give myself a realistic chance to develop a new relationship. I’m “in the game” as they say, and i’m starting to succeed more and more because i’m getting better on a regular basis.

Are you in the game? Are you a guy who talks to two or three women in a night when it’s easy for you, or are you the guy who’s pushing yourself to talk to any and every girl that you might be interested in? Are you consistently taking action to give yourself chances to succeed with women, or are you the guy taking it easy?

My challenge to you is simple. PUT YOURSELF IN THE GAME! Get out there and do your three warmups in a night and talk to at least ten more women every night that you go out. When you put yourself in the game you give us a realistic chance to coach you, you learn super quick, your success comes faster, and most of all you give yourself a chance to attain the goals you have with women! So get out there! You’re here to change.

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